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You Can Finally Listen to Hawkeye’s Rogers: The Musical on Spotify

How to listen to Rogers The Musical, the stage show based on the musical from Hawkeye.

In 2021, Marvel fans got an intriguing piece of MCU worldbuilding thanks to?Hawkeye, which imagined a musical based on the life of Captain America, Steve Rogers. One song was featured in full, and its popularity resulted in Disney expanding into a full one-act stage show at the Disneyland Resort. Now, a recording of that show, called Rogers: The Musical, is available to listen to in full via Spotify.

Inspired by the real-life musical Hamilton, Rogers: The Musical was referenced several times throughout the six-episode run of Hawkeye, and its key song, ‘Save The City’, took the spot of the final mid-credits scene of the miniseries, which had usually (but not always) been reserved to tease future MCU projects. Save The City went on to attract more than a million streams before being?performed live at Disney’s annual D23 conference in 2022.

At the same time, the stage show had entered production. It was officially announced in February of this year and began a limited run on June 30, which lasted until August 31. Beyond ‘Save The City’, the show also included the song ‘Star-Spangled Man’ from Captain America: The First Avenger and a collection of new songs that package up the history of the character. One of the highlights is ‘What You Missed’, which features Nick Fury filling Rogers in on events that happened while he was frozen, which includes references to?I Love Lucy, Star Wars, the moon landing, and the Cold War.

While?Hawkeye?has now ended, next year’s?Echo?series is something of a spin-off, and will see the return of Alaqua Cox as the title character, Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin, and Charlie Cox as Daredevil. Beyond that, Marvel also has a new season of?Loki?beginning next month, followed by the film?The Marvels?in November, and new outings for?Deadpool?and?Captain America?(now featuring Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson in the title role) coming next year.

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