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To the Editor: In response to Shannon Drake’s optimisitic look at the Xbox as marking “the end of an era,” I have this to say: The end is waning, but the 360 ain’t everything its marketed to be. The gameplay content of the launch line-up, the hardcore primary buyers and the derisive treatment of the launch by the mainstream media all show that the 360 isn’t giving the “mainstream” what it really wants. I’d like to propose a running bet with Shannon, who presumably being Irish, will be up for some gambling: If the Xbox 360 has more global sales than Nintendo’s upcoming console by the end of 2008, I will pay Mr. Drake 50 USD, or vice versa. Put your money where your mouth is.

-Patrick Dugan

To the Editor: I love the aesthetics of your publication and I think you have a solid basis for content. Great job.

However, I’d appreciate it if your writers would actively seek accepted authorities on the subjects they write about. With each new issue, the publication feels more and more like an elitist-gamer-rant site, than a publication with content.

I get turned off by articles telling me what a casual gamer wants when the author has no credentials allowing him to speak about a market or even game development. I get turned off by articles telling me how girl gamers really do exist. I had no idea where Ms. Butts was coming from. I’ve never, ever seen such things happen outside of a group of children … and if you’re playing with children, I would obviously have to ask why you’d subject yourself to such a thing. I get turned off with articles telling me what makes a game good or what the industry needs to do to make everything rainbows and roses for it’s creatives, when the presented solutions are incomplete at best and totally flawed at worst.

While there have been a number of wonderful articles, it seems more and more are simply becoming editorial. There’s too much of that with game journalists, it seems. I would absolutely adore seeing authorities cited or even presenting a wider assortment of opinions, takes, and viewpoints when writing articles.

Mr. Costikyan’s writing is a prime example of the type of article I’m thrilled to read. He, himself, is an authority on the topic he spoke about. He gave his thesis and a fantastic argument to back it up. I would so love to read more of this type of thing in future issues.

Just my two cents. Cheers on The Escapist, and may it be a great success.


To the Editor: This should hopefully be one of many emails telling you to all keep up the good work, and that the topics discussed in your magazine are really a fresh breath of air, miles away from the stale hyperbole of many games mags and sites. I’ve been reading for a few months now and felt like it was time to congratulate you all.

One idea (you probably have already thought of, in your infinite wisdom) is maybe to publish a compilation of all your issues so far? Certainly would make good coffee table reading. Also, good idea to bring in adverts, I’m sure you make some much needed cash from them, and they don’t intrude on the reading at all.

Again, thanks!


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