The Un-gamer


I am the un-gamer. Not an anti-gamer, since I have nothing against gaming, but I have never been able to get involved in the activity. I find other ways to fill my geek quota with my choices in books, movies, and art. Gaming just has never been able to have a hold over me, or move me to become anything other than a spectator. I’ll gladly plop down and watch someone else play. I take a back seat role, watching as the action and story unfold, but only for limited periods of time. Even when games do interest me, I know that I would never be able to really get into it. Case in point:

I recently watched as a friend played City of Villians. Actually, it was more like touring the game in an attempt to introduce me to the wonders of gaming. I’ll admit, the concept intrigued me. I felt the hook find purchase and the pull as I started to be reeled into foreign territory. I caught myself thinking of how cool it would be to create a character, to have super powers and act out a comic book. Especially since I’m a huge fan of comics. But thinking it over more, I just can’t see myself getting into the games and investing both time and money.

Somewhere between my need to be good at whatever I do and the ease at which I get discouraged, I don’t think I will ever become an active member of the gaming community. My colleagues and friends say otherwise. I guess it’s possible, you never know.

In the meantime being the back-seat-rider is fine with me.

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