Server Names Published!


As you may know, the setting of AC2 is a fresh start hundreds of years after the setting of AC1. It made sense, therefore, to let AC2 players choose from all of the existing AC1 worlds, plus a few more. We also have closely watched the AC2 Beta players’ feedback about what kinds of gameplay they prefer, and can confirm that we will start up with all three of the types of player conflict revealed in this article.

Listed below are the worlds we are guaranteed to have available on the first day that we launch AC2. We will aggressively open up new worlds in the days immediately following the launch, making the gameplay in these worlds of whatever conflict type appears to be most popular in our first few days after launch. We encourage you to start organizing now and decide which worlds you want to play in, so you can meet up with your friends right away! Here is the official list of worlds you will be sure to see on day one of our launch:








Darktide (Free-for-All Conflict)

Coldeve (Kingdom Conflict)

Snowreap (Kingdom Conflict)

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