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Letters to the Editors

September 19, 2002

The truck has pulled up, the cardboard boxes unpacked, and the AC2 Insider site moved into its shiny new home! As always, we’d like to give thanks to everyone writing to the Insider (at “[email protected]”) with their thoughts, opinions, and questions. Heck, we’re still receiving entries for the Name That Monster contest! (Sorry folks, that one’s over!). Today we wanted to share a few such comments and questions-and please keep ’em coming! (Except for monster names-it’s over, we tell you, over!)

Good job guys! I like the new website. Nice layout, I check it out at least once a day. Keep it up and thanks for all the hard work! (Allen)

New site looks great guys, keep the updates coming! Simple, and easy to browse… I like. (indesin)

…btw, the new site is better then the old one and have will be sure to stop by it for new info… (dennis)

Wandering Scribe

While we all appreciate the wonderful story-telling of the scribe and I’m sure this stuff will make great marketing someday, all it’s doing right now is torturing those of us sitting here drooling to get into the Beta. (sourtone)

I love this article. It’s perspective is refreshing, and makes me eager to enter the world of Dereth. Keep up the good work. (danielleandsean)

I hear tale of a wondering scribe, I ponder this, is he a myth? I ask myself, how can I find him for I have many tales to tell? Scribe if you exist I must warn you. Fear the south! For there is great power and darkness there. (Ydnar)

Editors: Er, forget the south! We’re more worried about Ydnar! But to contact the Wandering Scribe, simply drop him a line at [email protected]. He’s happy to hear all about the latest workings of the world, from allegiances, to PvP actions, to player events of all kinds!


So the Tumeroks can summon other Tumeroks? Can the Humans summon anything to fight for them and can the Lugians do that also? (ZBULDAWG)

Editors: While Tumeroks do not summon other Tumeroks, all three races can summon a variety of creatures to aid them in battle. Wasps, Reed Sharks, Lashers, Golems, Shreths-all there for the choosing. Lugian Tacticians can even manufacture special gadgets-turrets-to help defend their territory.

A question about pets. One of the things I found quite frustrating in DAoC was that you could create pets, but any damage they did took away from your XP. How is AC2 going to handle pet experience? Will you get the XP for their kills? Will they count toward fellowship members for XP distribution? (Robert)

Editors: In AC2, pets are there to add to the experience-and to yours. Pets will apply XP earned in successful combat directly to their owner (now including Lugian Tactician turrets).

How long will the Lugians turrets last after they are out of game? I don’t think it would immerse the players all that much to come in the game world…. and see high level turrets camping spawns. Are they going to be able to degrade? (s_h_a_w_n)

Editors: Turrets remain in the game for a finite amount of time before they degrade and disappear. This time is shorter than the reset timer on turret creation skills, preventing Lugian Tacticians from creating too many turrets at once and overwhelming the landscape.


Under enhancing and crafting items it says at the end that you look forward to the first market stalls and bazaars. Does that mean that there will be player-run shops of some kind? If so what kind? Thank you. (Taylor)

Editors: What kind of shops? Why, any kind the players can organize! The player-run economy allows players to not only craft items, but to coordinate their sale and trade as well. Workshops, which further aid crafters, will also need player participation to fuel, maintain, and in some cases even defend. In short, NPCs are not in charge of the AC2 economy-the players are.
Also, as mentioned in our Ongoing Game article, “…banking storage and player-owned storefront vendors… are features that the AC2 Live team will be implementing during the first year of monthly events in AC2. Something to look forward to!”

What I’m curious about is, if crafted items disappear, what is the incentive to buy an item you know will disappear form a crafter, rather than hunt for a similar item from the treasure system that may be a bit weaker or on the same level, but that will last forever and not require further expense to get again? (Caerlyn)

Editors: That is a key question players must ask themselves whenever negotiating a trade. Crafted items are superior to treasure-system items, but are temporary in nature. So crafted items will help players more in the immediate future to defeat their opponents and gain more permanent items. What’s the exact value of these crafted items, then? That’s for the buyer and seller to negotiate!

Until next time, enjoy the articles-and keep your questions coming!

–The AC2 Insider Team

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