Hello, Counter-Strike – Meet Advertising.


I stopped playing Counter-Strike a long time ago. Mainly because I dislike Steam with a burning passion. So, when that dreaded version 1.6 came out I called it quits. I’ll play CS:Source now and then, but for the most part – CS and I are long over (or so I tell myself).

Now, I recently saw this thread over on Evil Avatar and all I could say to myself is: “Is this really surprising?” I mean, CS was one of those great Half-Life niche mods, but as it got bigger and the years progressed it got more commercialized. Steam made the first real jump to making CS an exclusive club for money-making purposes, but now – in game advertising might be appearing in one of my childhood favorites. It pains me, but is too be expected.

I don’t even really think I’d mind the ads all that much (if it is true). It’s just that ever since Steam was streamlined and the game got larger it just hasn’t been the same, and probably will never be the same again. For now, I’ll just sit back and reminisce on the old days and watch Steam crash my computer again as I try and login to give it just one more shot.

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