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To the Editor: I just read my first issue of The Escapist and I have to say that I am very impressed by it. You have certainly gained a new reader from now on, and I intend to encourage my friends to check it out as well.

A little bit of background on me: I’m a white male age 20 (i.e. the target demographic of most game developers) who works for a GameStop (formerly EB games *sigh*) and has been playing on consoles since before I could walk. One of my favorite opponents to go head to head with is one of my friend’s girlfriend. She routinely whoops the hell out of me at Soul Calibur 3 and a few other games, yet when I try to convince stubborn male customers at my store that female gamers do exist, they are left unswayed. I am glad to finally have a website/ezine to send them to. Thanks for writing an excellent publication and please keep it up!


To the Editor: First things first: You guys do a great job writing The Escapist. So good, in fact, that if you took a look around the office here at LDA Games and noticed that we all have two monitors on our desks, you’d be led to believe that the primary purpose for our second monitors is to showcase your magazine.

With that out of the way, I wanted to let you know that I don’t find your RSS feed very useful. The reason for this is that I use Thunderbird as my RSS aggregator, and it only displays the first page of each article, making me open it in Firefox if I want to read the rest of it. But I’m not writing to complain; I’m writing to let you know that I’ve come up with a solution. If you subscribe to this feed, each article will be displayed in one page, with all your beautiful formatting in tact. I admit it’s a bit of a hack, but it works. So if anybody else complains about your RSS feed, feel free to pass it on.

-Rick Yorgason

To the Editor: The women in gaming features were all brilliant. I really enjoyed the magazine issue, it was great to have acknowledgement that we play for once. I play Guild Wars and the “Girls don’t exist on teh interweb!!!1” article was pretty much spot on. And funny.

A few other girls and I formed a Diablo 2 (Open + Closed Dueling) clan, the first (and I think the only) all female D2 clan back in 2000 after meeting through an online community. At the time we had a) Lesbian comments b) You are not girls comments c) You are boys pretending to be fat lesbian comments (these were interesting) d) You are girls and must therefore suck or have someone else fight your battles for you comments e) You might be girls, but not hot girls comments. Recently some of us got accused of “cyber-sexing” (I kid thee not) our way up to admin positions in a web forum. The clan is called POA (Pieces of Ass) and still going pretty strong despite ridicule online and deaths, divorces, kids and marriages offline. It’s cool, and all the men on our home gaming communities are respectful and appreciate we have our place there because we’ve earned it. Boys under the age of 20 on the other hand.. but oh well you can’t have everything!

Thanks for the articles!

-Cat “Glory POA” D

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