First Week Ebay 360 Sales Averaged $700 – Why Didn’t I Preorder, Again?


I stumbled upon this Yahoo! News article today, which is reporting that if you bought a 360 off Ebay last November, you paid more than $700 for it. The only thing that ran through my mind, other than, “Has the whole world gone crazy?” was, “Why haven’t I capitalized on this?”

The way I see it, if there’s money to be made, I need to be the one making it. Sure, there’s a bit of chance, there. You’re investing $400 in a hunk of plastic that might just be a flop. Or, you know, maybe it’ll just gobble CDs for sport. But still, given the turnaround on the PS2, and now the 360, getting your foot in the door may as well be a license to print money.

Where are you guys on this? Maybe we can start an “investment firm” and scalp PS3s and Revolutions until we’re all high on the hog.

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