Asherons Call: srand Speaks on the Vault

[li][a href=”″ target=_blank”]Hsoj[/a] asks: News, regarding (Atlatl) quest weapons updates and Additions, from Srand (big thanks!)

I know a lot of us are very interested in updates to the atlatl movement, such as infiltration into multiple weapons quest, like the singularity and quiddity, as well as an update to the Isparian Atlatl.

srand responded: Well, I personally would really like to see us get some of the old quest weapons into the game in the atlatl flavor. I hope that we will be able to get this done when we start revising older quests. But it hasn”t come up in team discussions yet, so I”m not sure if its in our plans. However, I will make sure to bring it up next time we are discussing plans for the next few months, which should be at the team meeting tomorrow.

As for atlatls, going back and making, say, a Shendolain atlatl is a lower priority for us than making the existing atlatls worthwhile, and on par with revising the other Shendolain rewards to be more useful. I didn”t mean to imply that we haven”t talked about improving existing atlatls or revising old quest rewards — I only meant to say that I don”t think we”ve specifically said “Let”s go back and add Shendolain atlatls!”

I hope that clarifies something, because I think I just confused myself.

[li][a href=”″ target=_blank”]Romside[/a] asks: The Invisibility bug at mansions, i know it”s not a bug of high concern, but any info when you will find/fix these annoying bug?

srand: It”s on the list.

[li][A href=”″ target=_blank”]Buk_mt[/a] postulates (parphrased): I have a bad feeling about this. Please make me wrong.
As commented on the Dev chat ealier this week, this story arc, and the content associated with it , should take us all about 6 weeks to complete. Conveintly enough, that corrisponds to the release of ACII. Does that mean that we get no story arc from this point on? I rarely am off the mark in situations like this. I don”t expect to be wrong, but I really hope I am.

srand works her magic: *poof* You”re wrong. *grin*

[li]Minamoto-Musashi asks: Mages will never get Lewt On Gaerlen”s Quest. Your tagged for lewt by doing a CRITICAL MELEE or MISSLE attack. I took my archer, my melee and 3 mages on this quest. Archer got alot of criticals (over 30) and got lewt. Same with my Melee. However, EACH mage i took, even though they got crits with there war spells STILL didn”t get tagged for lewt. Gimpt, a fellowship member was a mage, took out his US got 1 crit, then went back to casting, and he WAS TAGGED for the lewt. I”m assuming this is a bug in the lewt tagging. Post your thoughts or experinces here.

srand responded: 1) The AI code for recognizing crits is identical for magic and melee, so since melee crits are working to get you flagged, magic crits should be working. (”Should be.” If you”ve got good evidence that they aren”t, I”ll check it out.)

2) There are other ways for mages to get flagged besides critical hits on Gaerlan.

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