Asherons Call: New Release of ACLaunch


AC Launch is a tool that was written a long time ago for the Advocate, Sentinels and Chancellors to use. Over the past 2 years it’s evolved into quite a potent tool and is now available to the public. This Sunday I’m releasing version 5.15.

ACLaunch was designed to allow you, the user, to quickly get the things you do with Asheron’s Call done… having a single icon to click to open up and get you running. If all you do is open the minilaunch page, click sign in, click ok… fight for 3 more pages to say YES that’s me, then this program is for you… You can store your information within the program and have a quick way to get to the minilaunch page as you signed in. You can store up to 6 accounts.

ACLaunch will load up Decal for you… If you run Decal, you can just click on the ACLaunch Icon, and it will run Decal for you, no need for a second icon to open.

If you like to hack the client to support Windowed Mode or Dual Clients, ACLaunch can help you with enabling/disabling those features as well, after you patch your client with those fixes.

If you just want to browse a list of AC related websites, ACLaunch has already got a few of the more popular sites, with room for you the user to add more. It’s designed currently for 30 web addresses, including Zone pages.

While ACLaunch has had many features already added, I’ve recently added several security features to the code set… while this does help with security to a limited degree, I’d like to point out that if you do use the program, PLEASE don’t enter a password IF you share your computer with anyone. Instead let it prompt for a password. This is much safer… even if you don’t share the computer, prompting for a password is the ultimately safest method for everyone involved. You can also mix/match… some accounts with passwords some without.

I’m always eager to add more features for you the users, in order to quickly get done what you need to, in order to play the game.

Please note: While I will not add hack tools to change the client as part of ACLaunch, as there is already plenty of programs that do just that, I will support the enable/disabling of these features for your needs. This doesn’t mean I support or endorse the hacking of the software that Microsoft/Turbine ship to you the user when you purchased it. It just means that if you decide that is what you want to do, then I will make it easy for you to quickly change those registry keys or settings as you desire.

For more details on the software, visit the URL:

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has downloaded and pointed out some bugs with ACLaunch.

– Shane

Graden Engersun – Ex HG Advocate

Ex Sentinel Ardham

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