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All Actors in One Piece Live Action

From the Straw Hat Pirates to the Marines, here are all of the actors in the One Piece live action series from Netflix.

The new One Piece live action series on Netflix has been doing very well, which is nice to see for an anime adaption. Anime is a genre that is very difficult to adapt in a way that people will be happy with. The most popular anime like One Piece?have a staggering fan base, all with high expectations based on how great the animated series and manga already is.

Luckily the Netflix series has come in clutch and pulled off a successful adaptation of the series, and they did it without even using any big name actors at all. In fact most of the main cast are newer actors without that many roles to their names! They’ve done quite an impressive job, and I’m sure this will help set them up for bigger roles in the future as well. If you’re curious about who the cast are, I’ve prepared a list for you.

?All Main Actors in the One Piece Live Action Series



Monkey D. Luffy

I?aki Godoy


Emily Rudd

Roronoa Zoro



Vincent Regan


Morgan Davies


Aidan Scott


Armand Aucamp


Jacob Romero

Jeff Ward


Taz Skylar

McKinley Belcher III

Chef Zeff

Craig Fairbrass

Jandre le Roux


Peter Gadiot
Young Luffy

Colton Osorio


Steven John Ward

Ilia Isorel?s Paulino

Young Nami

Lily Fisher
Gold Roger

Michael Dorman

Young Zoro

Maximilian Lee Piazza
Young Sanji

Christian Convery

Those are all the main actors that feature as prominent characters in the first season of the One Piece Netflix series. They’ve all done such a great job that we’ll be seeing many of them return to reprise their characters in a second season of the show. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing their performances in the next season.

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